About Us

Whit Wanders & Co makes custom apparel and home décor. Our handmade products are crafted to your specifications making them uniquely yours. We specialize in apparel for the whole family, rustic décor for your home and cabin. Whether it be a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite uncle’s funny phrase, or a wall sign, pillow cover or mug with grandma’s sweet message of love – we can do it. We also make custom items for community events, sports teams, bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings. We invite you to look at what we offer and let your mind “Wander” through the endless possibilities of ways to use custom design to add fun, love, and uniqueness in your life. Whit Wanders was proudly founded in 2022 on the principles of providing handcrafted high-quality merchandise at an affordable price. Love and appreciation are put in every order placed with us, and we sincerely thank you for utilizing our small business.